there was a time when…

There was a time when singing together as a choir was not a dangerous activity.
This website used to be dedicated to the joy of singing together during the Singing Holidays in Southwest France I organized every summer since 2013. I am leaving the photographs on the website so you can see the beauty of where I have the privilege to live and work.
You can’t come to sing with me now as a choir. We can’t get together to enjoy our singing and prepare wonderful concerts. But let’s see what we can do.

Times have changed I – Singing holiday new style

So let’s go with the flow and do something else. If we will be allowed to travel, supported by a negative COVID test and/or vaccination certificate, perhaps it will be possible to come to France and sing.
Not in a choir, but individually. So your Singing Holiday New Style will be all about you! Five days (Monday-Friday) of intensive, inspiring vocal training, an hour in the mornings. The rest of the day is free for your holiday. You choose when, during the summer. Together, we choose the songs you want to work with. If you are ready for it, we can make an audio-recording at the end of the week, resulting in a wonderful video-clip as a souvenir of your musical holiday week in Southwest France. To book your own personal Singing Holiday, send me an email. As places are limited, please make sure to get in touch soon.

Ook in het Nederlands!

Singing Holidays New Style –

  • improve your singing technique
  • (re)discover your own natural voice
  • boost your joy of singing
  • enjoy beautiful Southwest France

Times have changed II – semi-virtual projects worldwide

In October 2020, the first Save Our Songs project was launched. Whence the name? Because we have to keep singing, saving our songs, and perhaps through the singing, saving our souls too. And in the process, we are meeting new friends, and discovering new possibilities.
We are March now, and the 4th Save Our Songs project has just started. The 5th project, starting in April, is almost booked full. Click here to book.

Save Our Songs is

  • My conviction that we have to look at what we can do, instead of what we cannot do.
  • Inspirational small ensemble projects for choir singers
  • Five weeks of rehearsing, recording & singing lessons
  • Zoom Café sessions to meet singers from all over the world
  • Improve your singing technique thanks to individual coaching
  • As a souvenir, you receive two video-clips of the songs we studied & recorded, starring YOU and your fellow nightingales
  • Click to see all dates, repertoire & additional information (you will be re-directed)

Summer Stay-At-Home Singing Camps under construction!