Singing Holidays are taking a break this year

taking a break to see what this year’s journey has in store…

If life and work are a journey, it is good to stop now and then, and take a moment to look around you. This is what I am doing right now. After ten years of organizing Singing Holidays, I am taking time off this year to meditate on where I am at this moment, to develop new ideas, and to dust off old ideas that were good and deserve to be used again.

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here to stay! the save our songs projects

Throughout the year, I am organizing Save Our Songs Projects: small scale, personal online projects in which your voice counts. Including workshops on singing technique and new repertoire from the Stone&Tara Songbook for Choirs.
To sign up for an SOS Project, click here.

here to stay too:

  • Efficient & inspirational singing lessons through Zoom, click here.
  • Save Our Songs are online choral projects with great music & vocal technique workshops, click here.
  • Stone&Tara, the multi-faceted musicans duo consisting of Anke (vocals, lyrics) and Peter Duiverman (piano, Hammond organ, compositions &arrangements). All our video-clips, ultra-short musical theatre sketches, as well as our Songbook for Choirs are on Youtube, click here.

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