Endorsements & reviews

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You have inspired me to do something I never dreamed possible.

It’s so much fun to sing music with these harmonies and to sing with a group that has the capability of producing this kind of sound and energy.

Anke is a true inspiration. She has helped me to rediscover the voice I thought I had lost and to make it even better. Everyone she touches is left feeling great about themselves.

I feel blessed to have found the joy of music in this lovely region.

Thank you for giving us such vitality!

It was a great week. So lovely to be completely away from home and to just sing.

Thanks for you and for your inspirational teaching.

It felt great to be part of a new group of people that got to be friends in song in such a short span of time.

Lovely concert yesterday. Great experience singing in the churches and Chapel. Lovely group of people. Fabulous songs and singing.


I am so enjoying all this singing. I have recovered a missing part of my life. Thank you for all the encouragement.

Lovely balanced programme, smiling faces, I really enjoyed it all.