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You have inspired me to do something I never dreamed possible. Celia

It’s so much fun to sing music with these harmonies and to sing with a group that has the capability of producing this kind of sound and energy. Carol

Anke is a true inspiration. She has helped me to rediscover the voice I thought I had lost and to make it even better. Everyone she touches is left feeling great about themselves. Anne

Lovely concert yesterday. Great experience singing in the churches and Chapel. Lovely group of Dutch people. Fabulous songs and singing. Conny


Lovely balanced programme, smiling faces, I really enjoyed it all. Visitor at concert

I am so enjoying all this singing. I have recovered a missing part of my life. Thank you for all the encouragement. Angela

Review in La Dépeche: The Chorale de Cazals filled the village Salle des Fêtes on the 21st May with its evening entitled “Le Temps du Muguet”.  Lilies of the valley, roses and the sounds of springtime filled the room.  From the first song, “Le printemps est arrivé” by Michel Fugain, to the last, ” L’important c’est la rose” by Gilbert Bécaud, we travelled through Scotland, Italy and Sweden before finding ourselves once more back in the Lot.  This delightful evening, which takes place every year at springtime, has become an occasion not to be missed.  An evening created by Anke de Bruyn who conducts the chorale with the hand of a master.