Wow. I’ve treated myself to a little electronic keyboard. Thought I’d just go on Amazon and order the cheapest Casio they offer. It was this: the Casio SA-46 32-key cute little synthesizer. It came to the backlands of the Lot (France) within two days and I’m grateful I ordered it. And I recently found out that Gareth Malone carries this thing around too!

I can recommend this to all (choral) singers. If you can play the piano, it’s great for studying parts, and also for learning to sing intervals! Take the cute little keyboard on you lap and play seconds, thirds, fourths etcetera and sing them. Then, only play the first note and tell yourself ‘now sing a major second on this key’ and so on.

If you can’t read music, this Casio is a good start. You can fiddle around, try different sounds. But if you want to go a little further than that, why not sit your keyboard on your desk where the computer is and search Youtube asking ‘how to play…’ and then type ‘piano’ or ‘keyboard’ or ‘how to read notes’ or ‘how to play’ a song you would like to learn.

When you embark on a note reading course (a lot of free stuff on the net), you will soon find out that the language of music is not Chinese at all… I know I’m PR-ring here, but really. This is for the greater good, your higher self. So much feel good for so little money. Enjoy!

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And this Casio keyboard was only € 43!