Researchers found these astonishing facts! (but of course singers already know this!) published in The Mail on Sunday May 2016.

  1. Singing in a choir beats loneliness and makes you feel part of a meaningful group.
  2. Singing sessions helped Parkinson sufferers with speech problems.
  3. COPD patients found singing improved their lung capacity, strengthened their voice and reduced their feelings of being short of breath.
  4. Chorists have a great anti-depression tool as singing in a choir reduces mental distress dramatically.
  5. Music can access a part of the brain that remains unaffected by dementia. From my own experience: a choir member who could not speak anymore, but she could sing.
  6. Singing lowers your blood pressure and relieves stress immediately! We know the feelings of relief and joy when we sing… so that’s why.
  7. Study after study has found that singing relieves anxiety and contributes to quality of life.
  8. When we sing together, our pulses speed up and slow down at the same rate. Instant human synchronicity! How beautiful is that?
  9. Research in the US showed that some people with brain damage improved thanks to the so-called Melodic Intonation Therapy involving singing and tapping rhythms.
  10. Singing in a choir for just one hour strenghtens your immune system! A spectacular find after a study among cancer patients and their families.creative singing holiday workshops art summer schools classes accommodation vocal technique music france musical choir chorist singers amateur lot dordogne southwest aquitaine