Virtual? Yes, but also very real.

If we have to stay at home, we have to. In order to stay safe, for ourselves, but also for others who are vulnerable. Of course we want to do everything we can to not spread the virus.

But it can make us sad. Especially in these days when times are supposed to be jolly and full of expectation. I am now asking myself: why do we suppose that these days should be jolly? In times like these, we can only become frustrated, disappointed and sad when we try to meet this crazy requirement, that we should be jolly.

So we must turn inward. We must look inside ourselves and deal with whatever we find there. These days can be hard work if we do this inside work of the soul! So we also need something to make us feel good, really good. I mean we don’t need comfort food. We need soul food.

And the best soul food is music.

This is why the Chorale de Cazals has come up with a plan. We will be singing together. You and us. Online, each in our own home.

The event will take place on 14 December at 19h00. You can buy cheap tickets online – really just to support the choir, so we can continue to spread music and joy. Please join us, and invite your friends too. We can take 99 people on Zoom.

You can book here:

Talking about staying at home…. I’ve had the strangest experience during the past few weeks. Since I started my online choir projects in September, I have been feeling so connected to the singers who subscribed.
are all in our own homes, of course, watching and listening to each other on Zoom. But I’d never expected to experience such a sense of connection & closeness. The Café Sessions (all singers present, from Sweden across the Netherlands and Belgium right to UK and Canada and back to France again) were fun, and the singing lessons were just extraordinary. I was not only able to see and hear but even to feel what was happening during the session. It nearly made me cry! Thousands of kilometres between us and we were having a singing lesson as if we were in the same room.

When the first lockdown was announced in March, I was very reluctant to try Zoom, Skype or any other of those platforms. I probably simply wished ‘all this’ never happened.

Now, I am convinced that if we need to continue living like this for a while, ‘virtual’ is a second best that is not bad at all.
Even for singers.
Because we want to be creative in finding solutions to continue doing what we love: to give our voices to the world!

Happy Christmas, and see you online!